Auditing for Text-Based Projects

In late March 2023, we launched a new tabular auditing experience. At this time, only Content Classification, Text Generation, Transcription, and Content Collection projects that use text assets will be allowed to see this tool.

With this table view, you will be able to see multiple tasks on the same page. This can be very helpful when comparing task responses and quickly deciding whether the response is correct, incorrect, or needs fixing.
Below are some powerful features you can use to enhance your audit workflow.

Checkboxes: the left-most checkbox column is stickied (during horizontal scroll) and allows you to select multiple tasks and perform bulk actions on them. This includes accepting and rejecting the task as well as creating quality items (evaluation tasks, training tasks, custom courses tasks, instruction examples) from audited tasks. To quickly deselect all currently checked boxes, click the upper-most checkbox that appears after at least one row is checked. Keep in mind, you may only check rows that share the same task status.

Inline fixing: if you see an incorrect response and would like to quickly fix it instead of rejecting the task, either double-click on the cell or press 'Enter' to enter editing mode. You will then be able to edit the response (see pictures below). Press 'Enter' again (for text, number, and select fields) or click the confirm button (for date and ranking fields) to save your response. The task status will automatically be updated to the 'Fixed' status.

Note: at this time, label group fields are not supported for inline editing

Manage columns: click on the 'Manage Columns' button to organize the table to your liking. Here you can drag columns to a certain ordering as well as hide columns you wish to ignore. Other column options will be made available here over time. Another option to rearrange columns is to drag the column header (when viewing the table) to its desired location. To resize a column, simply hover your mouse over the line between 2 column headers and click to drag the line left or right.

Expand All Rows: if the rows are too compressed and you would like to see more lines of text for each row, click on the 'Expand All Rows' button. In addition to enlarging the row height, you will now be able to vertically scroll into each text cell to see more content.

Table Shortcuts: along with the table format comes the power of keyboard shortcuts. Use arrow keys to navigate from cell to cell and the 'enter' key to edit responses. Our other supported shortcuts are listed here:

If on Windows, please use the 'alt' key instead of 'opt'.

Over the next few weeks we will reach feature parity with the task grid view. Until then, please uncheck the 'Show Table View' checkbox to return to the grid view.