Commenting & Communication


Commenting is currently enabled for computer vision tasks (i.e., image and video annotation).

Commenting for other data types is on our roadmap. If there's a certain data type that you believe commenting would be helpful in your workflow, please reach out at [email protected].

Adding Comments as Annotator

You can easily add a comment by right-clicking anywhere on the image or video (particularly if there if the comment is relevant to a specific part of the task). You can leave comments for both your project administrators, and to any reviewers who might be looking over your work.

If you want to call attention to a certain thing, or you want guidance on how to label a task, you can use the commenting function to communicate.


You can also easily access the comments that you've left using the toggle on the panel on the right.


After leaving a comment, you can either choose to skip the task (having added the comments), or complete the task to the best of their ability, and submit the task. If you skip the task, your administrators will see the task - as well as your comments - and have the ability to respond to your comment and put the task back into your queue.

NOTE: you cannot skip a task without leaving a comment.

If your project has review layers enabled, you may also choose to leave a comment for your reviewer. Say, you're pretty certain about something - but you'd just like to get a second pair of eyes on it and flag it as an area of particular attention. You don't have to skip the task - you can just leave a comment that will show up for the next person who reviews your task.

Receiving Comments Back as Annotator

If you have left a comment & skipped the task, your project administrator will receive it on their end and take one of two options: 1) They can pull it out from the queue if it is indeed a bad task, or 2) They can reply to your comments and send it back to you to work on.

Once your administrator has sent the task back, you will receive it as your next task in the queue. You'll be able to see the administrator's response and can proceed with completing the task.

If you still have questions, you can leave another comment in reply and skip the task again.