Invite Annotators

To add people to work on your project - either as a project manager, or as an annotator, visit the Labeling Team page.

Getting to Your Team Page

There are 2 ways of accessing your labeling team page: directly at the end of getting your project set up, or at any point using general navigation to your profile settings.

Accessing from Project Setup: If you are finished getting your project set up and want to invite team members or adjust the projects they are assigned to, you can do so easily from the project definition page. Simply click the last step of "Assign Labelers".


Accessing via General Settings: If you want to visit your labeling team page at any point, you can do so by opening up the dropdown menu of options in the upper right hand corner of your screen and select "Labeling Team"


Adding Annotation Team Members

To invite other members onto the platform, you will have to click on the "Invite Labelers" button.


Input the emails of the labelers you’d like to have on your project. You can invite labelers individually, or invite en-masse by inputting a string of emails, each separated by a comma. Your labelers will receive an email on behalf of Scale to sign up for an account. Remember to press ENTER after you enter your emails; otherwise the emails will not save.


You will only be able to make project assignments and change user roles after they have accepted their invitation. All members invited will have the default role of "Labeler" unless changed otherwise.

NOTE: Invitations expire after 24 hours and may result in team members running into an "invalid token" error. If this happens, simply remove their invite and re-invite them onto the platform. If your team member reports not receiving an email invite, please have them check their Spam folder.

At the initial log-in, team members must use the temporary password included in the email invitation to sign up for the platform and join the team properly.

Changing Team Roles

On the Labeling Team page, you'll be able to see all your team members who have accepted their invite to the Studio platform. (If they haven't accepted yet, they will still show up on the table, but their role will show as "Invited", and you cannot add them to projects).

There is a Role column that dictates what each member of your team's role is. By default, the table is sorted by Admin, Manager, and Labeler.

AdminFull permissions to complete any actions in the project orchestration side of the portal, and billing is tied to administrator account. There is only 1 admin per team.
ManagerSame as Admin, except for billing.
MemberSame as Manager, except they don't get to play with team composition or access the labeler management page
LabelerOnly has access to the labeling dashboard, not the project setup dashboard

To change team members' role, select the checkbox to the left of the table. When you select at least one team member, a purple bar will appear at the top of the table. From here, you can make bulk changes to the role.


Making Project Assignments

In the "Assigned Projects" column, you can assign your team to any projects that you have created already.


You're also able to make bulk changes to the projects that your selected team members are on. You can choose to remove projects that the team members are all on by clicking the names of the projects in the Shared project assignments section.


You can also choose to bulk-assign projects by clicking the names of the projects in the Non-shared projects section.