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We are excited to work with you to accelerate the development of AI. Explore our documentation to quickly deliver value from your AI investments with high quality data.

Scale Rapid

Scale Rapid is our self-serve data annotation platform and is the fastest path to production-quality labels, with no minimums. Our goal is to reduce the time to achieve high quality for any labeling project from months to hours.

On Scale Rapid, you can:

    ✅ Upload your own data 
    ✅ Pick an annotation use case or create your own
    ✅ Send to the the Scale workforce 
    ✅ Receive high quality labeled data within hours

Scale Studio

Scale Studio helps you unlock your labeling team’s efficiency with the most comprehensive labeling platform. If you want to label data yourself or with your own team, then Studio is the best solution to supercharge your labeling team.

On Scale Studio, you can:

    ✅ Bring your own data 
    ✅ Pick an annotation use case or create your own 
    ✅ Bring your own workforce 
    ✅ Monitor your projects and labeler performance

Scale Pro

Scale Pro is the high-leverage data platform for AI-enabled businesses. We provide best-in-class customer experience through labeling products and concepts that come from the future, clean powerful interfaces, flexible tools and platforms to enable fast iteration, and the highest model improvement/$ ratio in the industry.

    ✅ Seamlessly initiate labeling with our API
    ✅ Work with dedicated Engagement Managers who will help you set up labeling projects fully customized for your use case
    ✅ Scalably label production volumes of data, including complex 3D and Sensor Fusion data formats
    ✅ Receive the highest quality labeled data, guaranteed (via SLAs)