Studio Labeling Units (LUs) Explained

What are Labeling Units (LUs)?

Labeling Units is Scale Studio's tracking of annotation usage. Most annotations are 1 LU, though there are a few exceptions that will be described in more detail in this page.

How many LUs do I have?

The best way to check how many LUs you have is to visit this link after logging in:

What is the conversion of annotations to LUs?

Project TypeAnnotation Type and LUs
General Image AnnotationGeometries (bounding boxes, polygons, etc.) - 1 LU
Geometry Attributes - 0.5 LU
Task-wide Attributes (Global attributes) - 1 LU
2D Semantic SegmentationInstances - 1 LU
Instance Attributes - 0.5 LU
Task-wide Attributes (Global attributes) - 1 LU
Text Collection / CategorizationFields - 1 LU
Every 1 min of audio (rounded up) - 1 LU
Every 1 min of video (rounded up) - 1 LU
Document TranscriptionAnnotations - 0.5 LUs (includes OCR)
Links - 0.25 LU
Fields - 1 LU
Audio TranscriptionAnnotations - 2 LUs for every 10 seconds (includes auto-transcription)
Named Entity Recognition (NER)Annotations - 1 LU
Relationships - 0.5 LU
Attributes on Annotations - 0.5 LU
Task-wide Attributes (Global attributes) - 1 LU
Video Playback AnnotationGeometries per frame - 0.25 LU
Geometry Attributes per frame - 0.1 LU
Task-wide Attributes (Global Attributes) - 1 LU
Events - 1 LU
In some cases, customers choose to use the video format to group images together for annotation. In these case, Studio will assess LU usage at General Image Annotation rates.
LIDAR (3D)Annotations - 7 LU
Attributes - 2 LU


Each task will be charged a minimum of 1 LU.

Even if there are no labels on a task, the task will still be charged as 1 LU.

If you have any questions on your project, send us an email at [email protected].