Technical Limits & Recommendations

Technical Limits

Task Creation (req/s)30 requests/second30 requests/second30 requests/second
Max Attributes20202500
Max AnnotationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Instances (for semantic segmentation)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Task Metadata JSON size10 kb10 kb10 kb*
Max File Upload Metadata JSON Size8 kb8 kb8 kb
Max File Upload Attachment Size120 mb*120 mb*120 mb*
Max Tasks per Batch10,00010,000Unlimited
  • Please contact support if you would like the limits to be increased.

Web Browser Compatibility

The Scale experience is currently optimized for Google Chrome. Other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc) have not been fully tested, and cannot be recommended for use.

While Scale may work with other web browsers, we cannot guarantee full compatibility at this time. Our support team may not be able to help resolve any bugs or issues you encounter when using other browsers.

Tip: If you are running into issues when using Chrome, be sure your browser is updated to the latest version.

Web BrowserSupport Policy
ChromeFully supported
EdgeBest effort
SafariBest effort
FirefoxBest effort