Text Collection

What is Text Collection?

Text collection is a powerful task type that enables you to classify and categorize your data. With Text Collection, you can have labelers answer free response questions or choose from a set of predefined answer choices. Use Text Collection if you’d like to collect data that’s similar to what you’d collect with a survey.

Text Collection Examples:

Text Collection allows you to pass in various types of data - including images, videos, documents etc. - and have labelers complete any of the following tasks:

  • Answer multiple choice questions that describe the underlying data
  • Determine the relevance of an item if shown another item
  • Select from a dropdown list of options
  • Query sentiment information
  • Specify the time stamp at which an event starts and ends (videos)
  • Transcribe data (documents)
  • Extract data (documents)
  • And much more!

Answer multiple choice questions


Select from a dropdown list of options


Write free-response answers