Text Collection with Rapid

Text collection is a powerful task type that enables you to classify and categorize your data. With Text Collection, you can have labelers answer free response questions or choose from a set of predefined answer choices. Use Text Collection if you’d like to collect data that’s similar to what you’d collect with a survey.

On the Rapid user interface, text collection includes the following field types :

  • Text Response
  • List Selection
  • Tree Selection
  • Date
  • Linear Scale
  • Label Group

These field types map to the text collection fields of the v1 Scale API endpoints found in the API docs.

The mapping is as follows:

Name on the Rapid UIAPI endpoint text collection fields
Text ResponseTextField
List SelectionCategoryField
(with min_choice = 1 and max_choice = 1, no nested options)
Tree SelectionCategoryField
Linear ScaleNumberField
Label GroupFieldSet

Setting up your text collection task in the Rapid UI will generate JSON that uses the field types as from the API docs. When submitting tasks via API or manually modifying JSON in the UI editor, you need to use the field types as described in the API docs.

Some field types from the API docs are no longer supported in the Rapid UI, but they are still supported through UI or manual JSON changes.

Tree Selection with >4 Nested Layers:

Tree selection allows you to make nested choices for taskers. Creating an option that is more than 4 layers deep is not supported in the Rapid UI, and must be done in JSON. To create nested options in JSON, use the subchoices field on a given choice.

  "label": "label",
  "value": "value",
    "subchoices": [
        "label": "choice_1",
        "value": "choice_1"