Using the Issues Queue

The issues queue is found in Quality Lab and serves as a centralized location where the Rapid platform will automatically surface any issues to resolve that are impacting quality. There are different types of severities for each issue:

  • Blocking issues: these issues are extremely important to resolve and usually involve errors in project setup that fundamentally undermine the functionality of key features. For instance, a lack of review stage evaluation tasks would make it impossible to control the quality of reviewers, which would significantly impact any task.
  • Severe issues: these issues are highly likely to affect quality in a wide variety of situations. For instance, quality tasks with outdated taxonomy may no longer appear identical to production tasks for Taskers, which would potentially allow observant Taskers to provide inaccurate quality signals.
  • Regular issues: these issues still have a high likelihood to increase quality on your project, although they are not necessarily blocking tasks or opening up quality vulnerabilities. For instance, adding concepts and difficulties will allow us to serve evaluation tasks in a more balanced way to broaden each Tasker's domain knowledge.

Within the issues queue, you can browse a sorted list of issues and resolve them on a case-by-case basis.