Annotation Attributes Overview

Annotation Attributes

In many cases, it is useful to have more human-judged metadata on top of each annotation for a given task, for example, measuring the occlusion-level of all vehicles in an image.

To achieve this, we support annotation_attributes, an object representing additional attributes that you'd like to capture per image annotation.

You may use annotation_attributes to define categorical attributes, numerical attributes, angle attributes, text attributes and more for each annotation.

You define the type of the attribute using the type property of the attribute, if no type is specified, it will default to a category type attribute. See the Annotation Attribute Types below for more details.

The format for annotation_attributes is an object whose key-value pairs all specify attributes of each annotation that you want to capture. The schema differs slightly based on the type of attribute.

Annotation Attribute Types

Attribute TypeDescription
CategoricalMultiple choice attribute, with an optional ability to enable selecting multiple options simultaneously.
NumericalInteger input
AngleInput to select a value between 0 and 360 with a visual interface supporting angles.
TextInput for free text
X/Y OffsetInput to select width or height within a box annotation
LinkedInput to link one annotation to another annotation