Callback Format

  "response": {
    "taxonomies": {
      "genre": ["Action", "Adventure", "Comedy", "Crime", "Drama"],
      "watch": ["yes"]
  "task_id": "576ba74eec471ff9b01557cc",
  "task": {
    // populated task for convenience

The response object, which is part of the callback POST request and permanently stored as part of the task object, will have a taxonomies field.

For categorical taxonomies, the value will be an array of choices, each one being one of the original choices.

For numerical taxonomies, the value will be a number.

Nested choices are only intended for grouping a large set of choices together. Thus, the response will be the same as with plain choices, where only the final "leaf" choice that the worker selected is reported. In the example above, if a worker selected Adventure and then Superhero, the choice would be Superhero.


See the Callback section for more details about callbacks.