[Note] This endpoint is deprecated. To create a categorization task, please see TextCollection for the latest documentation.

This endpoint creates a categorization task. In this task, one of our workers will view the attachment and select the correct answer for every taxonomy/question. Example use cases are spam detection, copyright detection, product categorization, etc.

The required parameters for this task are attachment, attachment_type and taxonomies. The callback_url is the URL that will be POSTed on task completion and is described in more detail in the Callbacks section. The format for taxonomies is an object whose key-value pairs specify taxonomies/questions for the attachment. The attachment is a URL to an image you'd like to be annotated and attachment_type specifies which type of media your attachment is.

You can optionally provide additional markdown-enabled or Google Doc-based instructions via the instruction parameter.

If successful, Scale will immediately return the generated task object, at which point you could store the task_id to have a permanent reference to the task. The parameters attachment_type, attachment and taxonomies will be stored in the params object of the constructed task object.

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