Conditional taxonomies

Sometimes a categorization taxonomy should only be present to the worker if specific choices are select for another taxonomy. In those cases, specify a dependent taxonomy and the required choice(s). Only if one of the choices are select by the worker, will the worker see the current taxonomy.

The condition property defining a conditional taxonomy should have the following structure:

  • taxonomy: the dependent taxonomy that can activate the current taxonomy.
  • choices: the required choices for the dependent taxonomy. At least one of them needs to be chosen before the current taxonomy is activated.
>The "adventure-genre" taxonomy will only be present to the worker, if "Adventure" is chosen for taxonomy/question "genre".

  "taxonomies": {
    "genre": {
      "type": "category",
      "description": "What genre does it belong to?",
      "choices": ["Action", "Adventure"]
    "adventure-genre": {
      "type": "category",
      "description": "What sub genre of adventure does it belong to?",
      "choices": ["Anime", "Superhero"],
      "condition": {
        "taxonomy": "genre",
        "choices": ["Adventure"]