Content Flag

Content flags allow Scale to transcribe documents more effectively by enabling special tooling or modifying the default behavior for certain features.




Line of text. It's used in combination with a block feature type to snap the boundary to text in the labeling tool. It does not affect the output data.

key, value

Key-Value pair in which the Key is marked with the key flag, and the Value is marked with the value flag. The labels must have the same prefix. It is possible for parent features to be a key or value.


Monetary amount. It will validate the text can be parsed into a decimal number and parse it. See the MoneyComponents type.


Calendar date. It will turn on date parsing. See the DateComponents type.


Checkbox feature. It will enable the checked field in annotations that will have a boolean value of true or false

thead, tbody

Table components. It turns on auto-linking between block annotations to link the table headers to the table body that contains the table data rows.