FormField objects allow you to create several mini-forms associated with different attachments. These mini-forms will be populated by the object's child fields.

Returns a dictionary response with key-value pairs defined by its child fields.



FormField objects can only be located on the top level of the fields task parameter. If one FormField object is used, all the other top-level objects must also be FormField objects.

  "type": "form",
  "field_id": "form_query",
  "title": "Query Intention",
  "fields": [
      "type": "text",
      "field_id": "query_intention",
      "title": "Query Intention",
      "hint": "Please investigate the search links."
type*stringFor FormField Objects, this should be set to form
field_id*stringA unique identifier for the field, which should not change among tasks within a project
title*stringField title to be displayed to taskers. This should be short and singular. This may change among tasks within a project.
descriptionstringundefinedA brief description about what the response should be. This may change among tasks within a project.
fields*arrayAn array of child UnitField and FieldSet objects. Any FieldSet objects here must have incline set to true