Create Lidar Linking Annotation

This endpoint creates a lidarlinking task. Sometimes camera calibrations can be incorrect in 3D tasks, leading to inaccurate projections of the cuboid vertices onto 2D images (despite the 3D cuboids being accurate). The 2D/3D linking API allows users to request corrected 2D projections, each labeled with the same ID as the corresponding cuboid in 3D.

The required parameters for this task are callback_url, lidar_task, annotation_type, and instruction. The callback_url is the URL which will be POSTed on task completion, and is described in more detail in the callbacks section. The lidar_task is the ID of the completed lidar task to request corrected 2D projections. The annotation type is the 2D annotation type to return, either annotation, cuboidannotation, polygonannotation, or imageannotation (if using multiple geometries to annotate objects). The format of these annotation types is described in more detail in box, cuboid, polygon, and imageannotation documentation, respectively.

You must provide additional markdown-enabled instructions via the instruction parameter.

It is strongly recommended for you to flesh out your Markdown instructions with many examples of tasks being done correctly and incorrectly.

If successful, Scale will immediately return the generated task object, of which you should at least store the task_id.

lidarlinking tasks can also be created automatically after a lidarannotation or lidarsegmentation task is completed.

To learn more about this, see Dependent Tasks.