Linked attributes

{ // ... in the linking task payload
  "annotation_attributes": {
    "Size": {
      "copy_from_lidar_task": true,
      "can_edit_in_base_annotations": false,
      "type": "category",
      "description": "An attribute that was set in the original lidar task.  Note that the attribute name must match the original attribute name. If this attribute is copied from an annotation existing in the lidar task, its value cannot be changed.",
      "choices": [ "Large", "Small" ]
    "Shape": {
      "type": "category",
      "description": "This is a new attribute that is specific to the 2d task",
      "choices": [ "Parallelogram", "Square", "Rhombus" ]

Linked attributes can be enabled by either using the copy_all_lidar_task_attributes flag on the task or setting copy_from_lidar_task to true on one or more annotation_attributes. These attributes will be copied from the lidar_task to the linking subtask and cannot be modified in annotations derived from the lidar task (by default, can_edit_in_base_annotations = false). The attributes can, however, be set on any new annotations that are added (this is the purpose of including them). To enable modifying attributes which are copied from lidar annotations, set can_edit_in_base_annotations to true.