NamedEntityRecognitionLabel objects define the taxonomy of labels to use to annotate spans of text.

name*stringA unique identifier for this label.
display_namestringnameAn alias for this label to display to taskers.
descriptionstringundefinedA description of what this label should represent. Displayed to taskers to improve quality.
childrenarray_objectundefinedAn array of NamedEntityRecognitionLabel objects to group underneath this label. Specifying this field causes this label itself to no longer be used for labeling text spans.
attributes (optional)objectundefined

NamedEntityRecognitionAttribute objects define form fields for individual annotations.

typestringOnly 'select' for now.
optionsarray_objectList of select option objects.
display_namestringOptional display name.
descriptionstringOptional description.

AttributeSelectOption objects define possible values for select attributes.

valuestringThe value that will show up in the response if this option is selected.
display_namestringOptional display name if different from the value.