Ontology Nesting and Options

The OntologyChoice object has the following structure:

choice *stringThe name of the choice.
displaystringThe displayed name of the choice.
descriptionstringThe description of the choice and any labeling guidance which can be provided.
subchoicesArray<OntologyChoice | string>Sub-choices to be shown under this parent label. Array can be a mix of OntologyChoice objects or strings.

A simple example is illustrated in the example JSON below, where ontology can simply be a list of strings or OntologyChoice objects.

While there may be a large number of total choices, subchoices allows the tasker to easily navigate the contents and understand the taxonomy better.

ontology = [
    "choice": "Vehicle",
    "description": "a means of carrying or transporting material",
    "subchoices": ["Car", "Truck", "Train", "Motorcycle"]
    "choice": "Pedestrian",
    "subchoices": [
      {"choice": "Ped_HeightOverMeter", "display": "Adult" }, 
      {"choice": "Ped_HeightUnderMeter", "display": "Child" },