RankingField objects allow you to define task to rank task attachments.

Returns a list response with ordered options.

	"type": "ranking_order",
  "field_id": "relevance_ranking",
  "title": "Rank titles based on their relevance to the article",
  "hint": "From the most relevant to the least one",
  "first_label": "Best",
  "last_label": "Worst",
  "num_items_to_rank": 3
titlestringundefinedA brief description about what the response should be. This may change among tasks within a project.
hintstringundefinedAn array of child UnitField and FieldSet objects. Must contain at least 2 elements.
first_labelstringundefinedDetermines whether or not all .
num_items_to_rankinteger3The number of options required to rank (can be less than number of attachments).
requiredbooleanfalseDetermines whether or not all num_items_to_rank fields should filled.