Text Collection

This endpoint creates a textcollection task. In this task, Scale will collect information from the given attachments and/or through the web following the instructions that you provide. Example use cases include labeling structurally-complex data from an attached image or querying sentiment information given a set of links.

This task involves an attachments array detailing the attachments to be annotated, and a fields parameter which describes all of the different pieces of information to be captured.

The fields parameter is an array in which each object has a field_id, type, and title. The field_id is the key the annotation will be returned under, and it must be unique within the project. The bulk of the task is defined within this array. It may be helpful to consider building this parameter as similar to building an HTML form.

You can optionally provide additional markdown-enabled or Google Doc-based instructions via the instruction parameter.

If successful, Scale will immediately return the generated task object, at which point you could store the task_id to have a permanent reference to the task.

The parameters attachments and fields will be stored in the params object of the constructed task object.

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