Upload Job Callback Format

The response field, which is part of the callback POST request and stored as part of the job object, will contain the catalog_key to which the products where uploaded and the uploaded count. If there are any errors detected with the input during the job, the response will contain an errors_uri field with a that will contain a signed S3 link. At the link, you'll find an array of objects whose keys are the product that was being uploaded and an error object contains a message string that specifies the error that occurred.

  "job_id": "23c2343244d2343a6743242a",
  "type": "product_upload",
  "status": "completed",
  "response": {
    "catalog_key": "N4IgrgzgpgTg+gSwCYgFwgGwAYoFYAsAHAIYBGpUlAxsVlgExIYDsBtIANCDQC7EA2AewDmcQfAAOAN0Qp0ATlxZmGAMyEsAWihV6qzflXF8m+fKq5NSLKtxUAZmSSF6GEAF8gA",
    "uploaded": 5000