Using Project Ontologies


Scale uses Ontologies to maintain complex taxonomies and provide detailed labeling guidance to labelers. We provide a tool to allow both you and the labelers to view how the ontology has changed over time and gain insights on each choice. Ontologies can be used as a replacement or add-on to the instructions of the project.

Ontology Features

Scale maintains a queryable list of all past ontology versions. You can quickly see the previous ontology versions of the past and how they’ve changed over time.

To provide more context on label choices, you can provide descriptions on each choice within your ontology.

How do I start using Ontologies?

At the Project Level:
We will be leveraging the Update Ontology endpoint to set and create project ontology versions.

When Retrieving or Listing projects, information about the project ontologies will be available in the ontologyHistory field.

At the Task Level:

Tasks will automatically use the latest version of project ontology when providing guidance to labelers. The ontology is currently not related to the project params and its object choices by default.