X/Y Offset Attributes

X/Y offset attributes are supported for box and cuboid geometries and represent some x- or y-offset within the annotation. They may be used to mark key positions such as the center of the annotated object.

In visual representations of task responses, they will be rendered as a horizontal/vertical lines across the annotation.

Each key-value defining an X/Y offset attribute should have the following structure:

  • key: a short string that serves as the identifier for the attribute
  • value: an object that should have the following keys:
    • description: a human-readable string describing the attribute to a labeler.
    • type: "x_line" or "y_line"
  "geometries": {
  "annotation_attributes": {
    "center": {
      "type": "x_line",
      "description": "Where is the center of the vehicle?",
  "response": {
    "annotations": [
        "left": 123,
        "top": 10,
        "width": 121,
        "height": 39,
        "label": "car",
        "attributes": {
          "center": 60